A Note From the Editor: a Response to Susan Fowler’s Very, Very Strange Year at Uber

Late last month, software engineer Susan J Fowler shared her story about working at Uber, the wildly successful ride sharing app. In an honest and detailed account, she exposed a number of aspects of the company and its management that made it difficult for her to foster career mobility and build a non-toxic work environment. If

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Safer, The On-Campus Resource You Should Know More About

The topic of sexual violence and sexually based crimes can be difficult to talk about, yet it is a topic universities are constantly having to address. At Cal Poly, there is a program that has been aiming to make the subject more approachable. Safer, the university’s resident informational and confidential crisis counseling center,  is a

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Female Founders: Turning Dreams Into Reality Might Be Harder Than You Think

If you had to guess, what percentage of venture capitalist partners are women? Most people would guess around half, or maybe a figure between 20-30%. Try even lower: less than 12% of partner roles at accelerators and venture capitalist firms are held by women.[1] While this statistic is relatively small in scope, it represents a

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Marching On: an Interview with the Coordinators of the SLO Women’s March

10,000 in San Luis Obispo 500,000  in California 4 million in the United States 5 million around the world On January 21, what started as a haphazardly organized Facebook event became the largest march of its kind in history. What should’ve taken months to organize came together in a matter of weeks. On February 1,

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Globalization and Fast Food: Forging a New Career Path for Women in India

When multinational restaurant chains want to gain market share and a strong customer base in new locations, they engage in product localization to accommodate local tastes. But in the Mall of India, in central New Delhi, fast food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, and Taco Bell are going one step further: creating an open and inclusive

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Versatility in Your Degree: Creative Options from Three Women in Business

Creative and artistic students often have difficulty seeing where they fit when going to a polytechnic school like Cal Poly. Students always know when the Big Four will be recruiting on campus, but rarely hear about designers or local small businesses that are seeking interns. With that in mind, the Wire wanted to find an

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