30 Under 30: Cal Poly’s Most Influential Women

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Motivated. Driven. Passionate. Empowering. Change agent. Trailblazer. Does someone come to mind when you think of these words? We started this year off talking about “grit,” a term coined by Angela Duckworth, who wrote, “Our potential is one thing. What we do with it is quite another.” The WIB Wire made it our goal this year to find the grittiest women on this campus, those who are not just passionate about what they do, but persevere at it. Women who will change the world. Women who already are.

You probably know a woman like this. She does what she loves and does it well. It might be a girl in your class who dozes off every now and then because she volunteers overnight at the homeless shelter. It might be the president of a club who helps empower women academically and personally. It might be a woman who leads initiatives, peaceful protests, or town hall meetings for a cause she truly believes in. It might be an engineer who led a team to Nicaragua to help get clean water to rural communities, or a child development major who spent her summer building a school in India. You know women like this— they’re everywhere. Our goal is to find and recognize the 30 under 30: Cal Poly’s most influential women.

Find the 2018 List below:
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