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Chief Cantrell’s unconventional route to the police force

Meet San Luis Obispo’s Police Chief, Deanna Cantrell. The assumed formality of her position, her job, her firm handshake and her perfectly pressed suit was only contradicted by her welcoming smile and the bright pink SloDoCo pin on her chest. The pin is a small indication of how Cantrell is redefining what it means to

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The Hatchery: A birthplace for young entrepreneurs

It is no surprise that in an age of advanced technology and innovative business models, the millennial generation has an entrepreneurial way of thinking that surpasses previous generations. As technology continually evolves, college students find themselves developing unique business ideas that make students’ lives easier. However, a Deloitte study of women’s entrepreneurship shows that only

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Career Advice From a Former Softball Coach

Last month we sat down with Becky Heidesch: Cal Poly alumna, former collegiate softball coach, and experienced entrepreneur. In 1995, Heidesch launched her first business, Women’Sports Wire. As a clearinghouse for women’s sports news, the Wire had several prominent subscribers including ESPN and the Olympics. Since starting the Wire, Heidesch has pivoted her business several

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