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Cal Poly’s “The Tempest” exemplifies changing gender norms in theatre

Dim the lights. Cue the music. Act I Scene I of “The Tempest” commences on the stage of Spanos Theater. Easily recognizable are the scenes, the famous soliloquies and the characters that have prevailed since Shakespeare, himself, watched his work performed on stage. But there is one major difference— this time there is no Prospero,

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‘Girls Who Handle It II’ fosters healing from adversity

Photo used with permission of Asia Croson.  On Nov. 30, “Girls Who Handle It” (GWHI) returned to San Luis Obispo. A record-breaking 1,000 people shuffled through the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art as the community was able to gain insight into the women’s deepest, most personal vulnerabilities and struggles. Black and white glossed photos

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S.E.S.A.M.E. nonprofit works to stop childhood sexual misconduct

We all hear the stories coming into college— women getting roofied at parties, sexually assaulted while intoxicated, sexually harassed walking home in the dark. The statistic— one in five women experience sexual harassment while in college— is in orientation presentations and periodic newsletters. So naturally, college seems like the time when women are most vulnerable

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