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Women in Power: Jasmin Fashami

On the afternoon of April 26th, 2017, political science junior Jasmin Fashami was declared Cal Poly’s 2018-2019 Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) president. As an immigrant and first-generation college student and an active member of the Cal Poly community, Fashami sees her new position as a way to impact the student body, emphasizing student group collaboration

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Chief Cantrell’s unconventional route to the police force

Meet San Luis Obispo’s Police Chief, Deanna Cantrell. The assumed formality of her position, her job, her firm handshake and her perfectly pressed suit was only contradicted by her welcoming smile and the bright pink SloDoCo pin on her chest. The pin is a small indication of how Cantrell is redefining what it means to

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First Black Miss Israel redefines what it means to be a woman

A young Ethiopian girl runs barefoot from poverty into military boots and finally fills the polished, elegant heels of a beauty pageant champion. What seems like the plot of a Hollywood movie is actually the true story of Yityish, “TiTi”, Aynaw. Growing up in the small village of Chahawit, Ethiopia, Aynaw had a challenging childhood.

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Sharing the Wisdom: Myra Strober’s Perspective on Feminism in the Workplace

Myra Strober is a labor economist and has worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland and in the Stanford Graduate School of Business, a Lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley and an Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Stanford School of Education. She has also been a part of

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