Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are currently closed.

Read about available positions and requirements below. You can apply here— applications are due May 11!


The objective for The WIB Wire is to 1) provide a platform for WIB members to process experiences critically and thoughtfully and 2) give an opportunity for non-WIB members to have exposure to WIB’s overall purpose.


The WIB Wire intends to highlight the perspectives of women in the professional world at all stages of their career and address not only the adversity women face, but also celebrate those who are making strides to close the gender gap. The WIB Wire is entirely student-driven and aims to provide readers the opportunity to think critically about their own experiences, learn from established women in industry, and provoke thoughtful discussion. As an affiliate of the Cal Poly Women in Business Association, the WIB Wire shares experiences about what it means to be young and professional in the modern world, and how those experiences may be different for each and every one of us.


This is a student-run, member-contributed blog to highlight the perspectives, successes, and achievements by women in business and fellow students. Each member posts once a month, totaling 4 posts per month from the entire team. The type of blog posts can vary and may include, but are not limited to, the following structure types:

  • Student perspectives of times they’ve felt inhibited, empowered or perceptive about their experience at Cal Poly as it pertains to gender.
  • Student written pieces about members of the business community who are striving to close the gender gap and prompt discussion about gender in the workforce.
  • Executive and entrepreneurial profiles of successful women in a variety of industries – an idea of how they got their start.
  • Professor contributions about their own experiences and interviews with members of the Cal Poly and greater SLO community
  • Student opinion pieces about certain current events and people driving diversity in the business world and other industries (politics, entertainment, sports, etc…)
  • Contributions similar to what’s stated above but from faculty.
  • Contributions from advisors or actual industry professionals about the importance of gender equality.


The WIB Wire will require writing team of 4 writers and 1 graphic designer who would apply for their position by proving the extent of their writing or design ability and their passion for WIB’s mission. Once a team is selected, the WIB Wire Editor will manage and delegate blog topics to the writers, but each member is required to come up with a pitch for their monthly story that will be discussed with the entire team.

Additionally, the opportunity to write will be made available to WIB members at large, faculty and other campus organizations with an option for members to pitch their ideas or a revision of past work. If someone proposes an idea that the team agrees on, a member of the writing committee will work with the member to write a draft. Ultimately all pieces would be vetted, edited and approved by the WIB Wire Editor.


For member development:

  • To exercise critical thinking about gender equality in the workforce.
  • To develop their own voice to speak out on issues.
  • To access their creative writing in a way they’ve never done before.
  • To develop their professional writing skills and build a portfolio.
  • To have the opportunity to vocalize what matters to our members on an individual level.

Time Commitment and Requirements


A member of the writing team must be able to meet the following commitments:

  • Available to meet once a week for 60 minutes to go over post schedule, idea generation, editing and assignment distribution
  • Able to generate at least 1 article a month, or as needed (approximately 500-1000 words)
  • Able to work collaboratively and in cooperation with the rest of the writing team, and complete all assignments for content and research on time.
  • Be willing to work with members of Women in Business, other campus organizations or faculty in the event of individual member contribution. This may include reaching out to ask for contributions on specific topics, editing and adhering to guest writer guidelines.

Multimedia Journalists (MMJs)  

An MMJ  must meet the above requirements for writers, with the following exceptions:

  • Rather than writing one article per month, the MMJ works with a writer to add a multimedia component to their story
    • Multimedia might include videos, infographics, audio or photo stories
    • This role will include accompanying writer to interviews
  • MMJs must work on at least one multimedia component per month

Copy Editors

A copy editor must be able to meet the following skills and commitments:

  • Available to meet once a week for 60 minutes to go over post schedule, editing and assignment distribution
  • Experience in AP style copy editing, and excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Ability to meet deadlines with accuracy and attention to detail
  • Able to work collaboratively and in cooperation with the rest of the writing team
  • Must copy edit weekly stories, or as needed

Editor-in-Chief (VP on WIB Executive Board)

The Editor of the WIB Wire manages the WIB Wire team in ensuring the timely execution of the publication of the weekly articles. The WIB Wire Editor is the head content strategist and editor for all WIB Wire posts, including weekly team content and external submissions. The WIB Wire Editor will work directly with the VP of Outreach to ensure the blog’s overall success and content alignment with the WIB mission, but will run the editorial team autonomously year round.

  • Facilitate the recruitment, application process and selection of all members of the writing team
  • Lead weekly 1 hour meetings with the WIB Wire Team to oversee content building, submission deadlines, site development and potential opportunities for site and content improvement
  • Work on at least one immersive project throughout the year (e.g. investigative journalism) with the entire editorial team
  • Manage the editorial process for the writers and edit all articles before publication.
  • Monitor, plan and execute a weekly publishing schedule to ensure a diverse portfolio of articles
  • Execute yearly marketing plan and build brand awareness around campus with the help of graphics lead – Reach out to other female empowerment organizations on campus (e.g. SWE, WISH) to promote related stories and ask for submissions
  • Update all social media pages weekly (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Meet regularly with the VP of Outreach to discuss upcoming posts, procedural updates and any opportunities that can be shared with the WIB Wire team from the executive board activities.

**If one or more of these requirements poses a conflict, please reach out to  with any questions. Accommodations may be made on a case to case basis