What starts here: A letter from the editors

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Anjana is the outgoing Editor-in-Chief of The Wire and the incoming President of Women in Business. Hannah is the incoming Editor-in-Chief of The Wire.

When we imagine the world’s future leaders, whether of business or government or engineering, we see a generation full of ambitious, passionate, fearless people living their lives with purpose. We imagine people who fight hard and relentlessly for what they believe in. And we see them building a more just and fair world, one in which people are able to live their lives fully, free of any debilitating diseases, one in which people are comfortable talking about mental health and body positivity, one in which there are just as many women sitting in the C-suite as there are men.

When we imagine the world’s future leaders, we see the women in our own community.

The Wire started as a team of four passionate journalists with the determination to create a platform for women on campus. Over the years, with the support of the Women in Business Association, the publication has grown into a 16-person team of journalists, photographers, graphic designers, marketing analysts and more. Our audience has quickly grown from just female business students, and is now expanding to women and men in all different majors across campus.

This publication has given us the unique opportunity to talk to countless strong and impactful women at Cal Poly and beyond. Every day we strive to be a little more like the future leaders, advocates and trailblazers that we have met. We continue to stick to our mission of highlighting women in our community at all stages of their careers, and provoking thoughtful discussion about serious issues on campus.

Perhaps the biggest example of this is our annual 30 under 30: Cal Poly’s Most Influential Women. Each year we go looking for the leaders and the change-makers, the women that go above and beyond their job descriptions to affect our campus, our community and our world.

As we inch toward publishing our 100th article this year, we took a look back at one of our very first ones written almost four years ago by WIB’s co-founder and co-president, Shelby Sly. She ends it with the quote: “Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as you can.”

The Wire has always and will continue to endeavor to find and write about the people on this campus who are doing just that. Women who will change the world. Women who already are.



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