Women’s March 2019: Truth to power


On Saturday, Jan. 19, the Third Annual Women’s March San Luis Obispo was host to 5,000 supporters who took to the streets to peacefully advocate for “women’s rights, human rights, our safety, our health, and our planet.” The first Women’s March took place 24 hours after President Trump was inaugurated on Jan. 21, 2017, becoming the “largest single day demonstration” the United States has ever seen.

Anyone watching the participants march on Saturday could feel the unmistakable energy of a group of people united by the desire to create change. As a photographer, I had the unique opportunity to experience the march as both a participant and an observer. I could feel the enthusiasm and empowering energy of the environment while occasionally slipping back into an observer’s role, witnessing the truths of the people who marched. Though the participants in the massive crowd marched in solidarity with one another, each person had a unique motivation for marching, from universal health care to environmental justice to the government shutdown. This was as uplifting and inspiring as it was serious and eye-opening. This year, the march stressed diversity, with speakers like Dr. Leola Dublin Macmillan and Rita Casaverde sharing stories of what they have endured since the 2016 elections, but also the amazing community they have come to find. I aimed to capture this diversity and was humbled by the experience.

The march was scattered with various chants, but one in particular has endured since the first march two years ago. “Show us what democracy looks like!”

“This is what democracy looks like.”

And year after year, the SLO community continues to come together to prove it.

Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 
allwomen_edit_march copy
Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 
Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 
Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 
Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 
boys_edit_march copy
Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 
Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 
Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 
Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 
Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 
Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 
Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 
Madison Stepherson| The WIB Wire
Madison Stepherson | The WIB Wire 


Madison Stepherson| The WIB Wire 



2 comments on “Women’s March 2019: Truth to power”

  1. “Show us what democracy looks like!” – Marching together, creating grass root movements, cannot create democracy. Gandhi tried that for many years, but failed to free India. Occupy movement failed to make any changes in USA. A war is necessary, a fundamental change in the system is necessary. You must understand what destroyed democracy. Did we have democracy ever in last 2000 years? No, we never had.

    You can elect all liberals, but still you cannot bring democracy. See what happened in Greece. One party implements something, the other party destroys it. What is the root cause for lack of democracy?

    It is the lack of secret ballot at the capitol. You can elect people with your secret ballot, but if your elected representative cannot use secret ballot when they make laws, then your secret ballot becomes meaningless. Thus we must introduce secret ballot for senators and congress men. Take a look at the free book at https://theoryofsouls.wordpress.com/


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