DHF Speaker: Chris Kite, Oracle

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The word dynamism can be defined simply by looking at Chris Kite’s background: exciting, untraditional, and always ready for the next challenge. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Management Science and took a job as an Aerospace Engineer, where she was first exposed to finance. She later received a graduate degree from USC in Systems Management and moved to Cisco Systems as a Director of Application Development, moving up to VP of Finance and Enterprise Risk Management over her eight-year tenure. Three years as CFO of Real Estate at Goldman Sachs, another three as SVP of Corporate Group Strategy and Operations at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York while receiving her MBA at MIT, Kite‘s adaptability and self-awareness paved the path for her success and gave her the tools to craft a career around her passions. There is no better example than her year as the Corporate SVP of Susquehanna Bank, returning to her hometown of Lititz, PA from May 2014 to May of 2015. She came on to help the regional bank create a strategy to grow and be acquired through restructuring their current financial officers, identifying growth strategies, improving customer engagement, and forming the first Enterprise Program Management Council. Within 6 months, the bank was acquired for $2.5 Billion, with shareholders receiving almost a 40% premium, and an 80% customer-facing job retention for the bank employees. In May of 2015 she moved to her current job at Oracle as the VP of Global Business Finance. This switch, from Fortune 500 companies, to a regional bank, back to a Fortune 100 company, embodies the leader that Kite is today: versatile, resilient, and open to opportunity. This path has given her an awareness of self and others, the ability to adapt to new cultures and situations, and the power to see change as a catalyst for success.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Chris Kite speak about the importance of adaptability at Defining Her Future: A Women in Leadership Conference April 14th in the PAC at her breakout session. Kite is an excellent example of how to find your ‘Adaptable’ self.


Dynamic You is the spark you bring into a room; it is reaching lengths you never thought you could; it is striving to better yourself and those around you.

Come explore your Dynamic You at the 2017 Defining Her Future Spring Conference! DHF seeks to help students learn and develop what it means to be a multifaceted, involved, and empowered individual, resilient to adversity in academic and professional settings. Learn how you can #livedynamically through panels, speakers, and networking sessions, including Keynote Speaker and CEO of Forge, Stacy Ferreira, breakout session speaker and VP of Global Business Finance of Oracle, Chris Kite, and more!

Defining Her Future will take place on April 14th at the Cal Poly PAC Pavilion. Get excited, registration will open on EventBrite on April 5th!

Click here to learn more about Defining Her Future and get real-time updates about the event.

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